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Seasons, Players, Clans/Alliances and Kingdoms

Long Term Events

Seasons are long-term events that give each player a chance to earn great rewards. Each season will determine the best players (Pvp/Pk, Castle and Fortress owners, Raid Boss points). Each solo players or clan member will contribute heavily towards the total score by completing special event missions that will include both PvE (Player-versus-Environment) and PvP (Player-versus-Player) activities.

At the end of each Season, a substantial amount of VEN tokens, XP, and NFT rewards will be distributed among the winning players, clans and alliances.

Moreover, each Season will bring new items, thematic locations, unique quests, limited-edition characters skins, powerful artifacts, and custom items in general to the game! This is one of the cornerstone elements of our brand new L2 private server.

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