Fortress of the Dead

Fortress of the Dead Guide

This Clan Hall is located at the south of the Cursd Village, Forest of the Dead in the Rune area.

The Clan Hall contest takes place once every two weeks on Mondays at 21:00 UTC, level 4 or above clans that doesn’t own a Clan Hall can participate.

Siege Registration:

Clans that want to participate on this siege must register in the Messenger Jacquard located near the Fortress of the Dead up to 1 hour before the siege starts.

Clans cannot be registered in any other kind of siege (including other clan halls or castles) other whise they won’t be able to register on this siege.

If a clan already owns this Clan Hall they will registered as attackers automatically. It doesn’t matter if there are more attackers or not, at the start of the siege the Clan Hall will be own by the NPCs and the current owner will not posses it anymore unless it conquer it again.

Be careful, when the siege starts it will kick out all players on the siege zone.

Siege Process:

The siege duration is up to 1 hours.

The castle is defended by numerous monsters. In order to take over the Clan Hall and win the contest a clan need to contribute with the higher amount of damage on killing the monster named Lidia Von Hellman. If the siege time finish and Lidia Von Hellman is still alive the clan hall will reamin to the NPCs.

You will find two special monsters called Alfred Von Hellman and Giselle Von Hellman, by killing those raid bosses you will make Lidia Von Hellman to become weaker before challenge her.

Lidia Von Hellman dies the siege finishes and the Clan Hall will be given to the clan who made the higher damage amount on this monster.

Clan Hall Functions:

The Clan Hall offers some advantages for the clan members as Teleports, Clan Hall buffs and item creation and the common Clan Hall features like HP, MP and EXP recovery.

The leader of this Clan Hall will be able to ride a wyvern by talking with the wyvern manager inside the Hall.

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