Bandit Stronghold

Bandit Stronghold Guide

This Clan Hall is located at the north of Outlaw Forest, in the Oren area.

The Clan Hall contest takes place once every two weeks on Mondays at 17:00 UTC, level 4 or above clans that doesn’t own a Clan Hall can participate.

Siege Registration:

The siege duration is up to 1 hour.

Clans that want to participate on this siege must register in the Messenger located near the Bandit Stronghold.

To participate on this Clan Hall contest the clan leaders need to complete a test (quest) or if you choose the option “i want to resiter” you can skip the test by paying a fee. This is only available 1 hour before the siege starts.

Only the first 5 clans who pay the fee will be able to participate in the contest. Once the clan leader paid the fee he can register the clan to participate, the following actions are required to succesfull register a clan:

1. Clan leader must click “Register a clan” in the messenger 2. Clan leader must click “Select a clan NPC” in the messenger, and choose one of the available options. 3. Up to 18 clan members must talk to the NPC and register as participants for the contest.

Clans cannot be registered in any other kind of siege (including other Clan Halls or Castles) other whise they won’t be able to register on this siege.

If a clan already owns this Clan Hall they will registered as defenders automatically but up to 18 members needs to talk to the Messenger and register as participants for the contest, if they don’t do this step only the clan leader will be able to fight. If there are no attackers the siege won’t start and the clan who owns the Clan Hall will hold it for another two weeks.

Siege Process:

After the registration each clan will be assigned to a team color (flag).

When the siege starts the doors of the Bandit Stronghold will be open and all participants and other players can join inside, after 10 minutes the doors will be closed and all the players inside that are not participants will be expelled, this area will become a siege zone and pvp rules will be applied. If a participant dies during the contest they will be able to resurrect in a special area and be teleported back to the contest by talking with a Mass Gatekeeper.

The first part of the contest is a team versus team event, up to 5 teams can participate. Each team will have to defend his NPC that will appear near their flag (the one choosen when they registered) and kill the other teams NPCs, your NPC and enemies NPC will have the name of the clan as title and will show the clan crest aswell. The clan who achieve to kill other teams NPCs and keep their own alive will win the contest and take over the Clan Hall.

When a team NPC dies, that team will be expelled of the contest. If there are less than 5 clans participating in the contest, the other teams will be own by the NPC and a NPC without title or crest will appear. You need to defeat those NPC too if you want to conquer the hall but is interesting to defeat first the NPCs that belong to a clan in order to expell them from the contest.

If there is alraedy a clan who owns the Clan Hall, a second part of the contest will take place. The defenders will be teleported into the field and the winner team of the preliminary contest (the first part of the siege) will fight against them. Once again each team will have a NPC to defend and they need to kill the other team NPC to win.

Clan Hall Functions:

The Clan Hall offers some advantages for the clan members as Teleports, Clan Hall buffs and item creation and the common Clan Hall features like HP, MP and EXP recovery.

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