Rainbow Springs Chateau

Rainbow Springs Chateau Guide

This Clan Hall is located at the north of Hot Springs, in the Goddard area.

The Clan Hall contest takes place once every two weeks on Mondays at 21:00 UTC, level 3 or above clans that doesn’t own a Clan Hall can participate.

This Clan Hall siege is way different to the others, there are not other similar kind of mini-game or contest in the game.

Siege Registration:

Clans that want to participate on this siege must register in the Messenger located near the Rainbow Springs Chateau.

To participate on this contest clan leaders must give Rainbow Springs Clan Hall War Decree to the messenger and need to have a party of 5 or more members. Those items can be obtained by fishing in the Hot Springs Area, you need to use a special lure “Hot Springs Lure” that can be bought in the grocery store in Goddard by talking with the Fisherman NPC.

You can earn Rainbow Springs Clan Hall War Decree during the two weeks before the siege and you can deliver it in the messenger NPC up to 1 hour before the siege starts.

Up to 4 clans can participate on the contest, and the 4 clans that deliver more Rainbow Springs Clan Hall War Decree to the messenger will be the ones who will be able to participate. If the Clan hall has already an owner, the clan how owns it will be automatically registered as participant and only up to 3 additional clans will be able to participate.

If no clans are registered the contest won’t have place and the clan who already owns the clan hall will hold it for another two weeks.

Siege Process:

There siege duration is up to 1 hour.

Once the registration time is over and the participant clans are choosen (the 4 clans that gave the higher amount of Rainbow Springs Clan Hall War Decree to the messenger) they should move to the Arena located at the northeast of the messenger and find the Coordinator NPC to enter the arena. There is 1 hour of wait period until the contest starts.

Once inside the arena the contest will begin. Each clan will be placed in a different arena and they will have to complete a mini game to take over the clan hall.

Two NPC will appear in the arena, Hot Spring Yeti and Hot Spring Gourd. The game is about to take down the Hot Spring Gourd by lowing his HP to 0. The first clan that achieve it will win the cntest and take the clan hall.

Some treasure chests will appear in the arena, and a word will be shout by the Hot Spring Yeti every certain period of time, the participants need to kill theese treasure chests with bare hands to earn Hot Springs Letters, once you collect the necesarry letter to form the work that has been shouted by the yeti you have to give it to him and he will give you some item as a reward, the possible items are the following:

Hot Spring Nectar, reduce the Hot Spring Gourd. Hot Spring Mineral Water, heals enemy Hot Springs Gourd Hot Spring Water (orange), exchange your Hot Spring Gourd HP by the enemie one. Hot Spring Sulfur, debuff other participants.

You can use theese items by right click them while targeting the Hot Spring Yeti.

Clan Hall Functions:

The clan hall offers some advantages for the clan members as Teleports, Clan Hall buffs and Item Creation and the common Clan Hall features like hp, mp and exp recovery.

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