Fortress of Resistance

Fortress of Resistance Guide

This Clan Hall is located at the north of Partisan’s Hideaway in the Dion area.

The Clan Hall contest takes place once every two weeks on Mondays at 17:00 UTC, level 2 or above clans that doesn’t own a Clan Hall can participate.

Siege Registration:

There is no need to make any kind of registration to participate in the contest, the clans that want to participate must be in the area during the siege time.

Be careful, when the siege starts it will kick out all players on the siege zone. Members of the clan who owns the clan hall won’t be expelled from the siege zone.

Siege Process:

The siege duration is up to 1 hours.

Bloody Lord Nurka will appear once the siege starts, the clan who contributes the most damage on killing this monster will take over the Clan Hall for two weeks.

If the Clan Hall has already an owner and no other clan achieve to kill Bloody Lord Nurka the Clan Hall will reamin on the same clan.

Clan Hall Functions:

The Clan Hall offers some advantages for the clan members as Teleports, Clan Hall buffs and item creation and the common Clan Hall features like HP, MP and EXP recovery.

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