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Castle Siege

Castle Siege Guide

By default, all castles are initially occupied by non-player character (NPC) clans.

When a player character (PC) clan defeats an NPC clan and occupies the castle, that castle becomes the possession of the PC clan. If a clan with ownership of a castle has been dissolved, the castle is returned to its initial state.

Only the castle lord may select a siege time. Selecting a siege time is done through the chamberlain NPC. Take care when choosing a siege time, as it cannot be changed once it is set.

Any lord occupying a castle must determine the next siege time within 24 hours of occupying the castle. If he/she does not select a time, the siege time is automatically set for 10:00 p.m. two weeks after the castle has been occupied on the same day of the week. (All sieges occur during the weekend in real-time).

A castle does not receive damage from any form of attack until the next siege time. The next castle siege time is either Saturday or Sunday, two weeks after the castle has been occupied. A clan that has successfully occupied a castle may safely possess the castle for up to 15 days.

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